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Macaron Madness!

Posted in Food Photography, Macaron, and Pattiserie

Those of you that know me will know I have a penchant for all things food related. Savoury, sweet, adventurous, plain – you name it!

3452187[1]These little goodies have a special place in my foodie heart. I love macarons. I love making them and best of all, eating them! I went through a period of making four to six batches once a week to get them perfect. There were a lot of mis-fortunate almond ‘cowpats’ that tasted divine but were technically wrong.

A bit snowed under at present and soon to familiarise myself with the unpredictabilities of a new oven but once I’m settled, I hope to write a proper post about the art of making the macaron; however, would I just be re-inventing the wheel? I’ll think on it.

Whilst researching on my baking adventure, I found these sites which were particularly useful:
David Lebovitz
Brave Tart
Not So Humble Pie
Plus, Sucré- Ladurée was a fantastic recipe book from the Parisian patisserie that invented the modern macaron in its form we know and love today.

So a photo of my macarons with chocolate ganache to tempt you all, there will be more food related photography and write ups to come.

Signing off for now folks!