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Auditory Reminiscence

Posted in Memories, and Music

Last night, I didn’t sleep until the small hours of the morning. It wasn’t the usual pest of insomnia keeping me from slumber but the joys of listening to music on my iPod. One of my regrets of cycling everywhere is that I don’t get to read or listen to music as part of that commute. Earlier in the evening I tuned into a radio station and heard a couple of sections on two bands that I used to listen to many years ago. I’m not going into too much detail about which bands as this isn’t meant to be a fanpage and I’ll let you supplant your own musical tastes onto it!

Both albums that were played catapulted me right back to those earlier years. Memories of the people around me at those times swam up to the surface clearly. It still amazes me how music can strike such a resonant chord within each of us. I know I am not alone in the nostalgia that music brings, both painful and pleasant.

I go through moments where life pitches up round the corner and takes me on a whirlwind tour where I get so busy that I don’t listen to any music for months at a time. I suppose I’d just been through an aural drout recently and not realised it until I decided to tune in to the radio station. This gave me a push to dig out the iPod and listen again as all my actual music is packed away at the moment.

When I was a teenager, music was very important to me. It was my world and I followed it religiously. I played guitar and bass badly, wrote songs and mumbled vocals in bands that never went anywhere. I loved it as it was a way to build a world and a way to escape into the richness of the tapestry that music can weave around you. A song can speak to you and for every person it can have a very individual meaning. I adore immersing myself in a song and hearing the soaring vocals, the pulsing bass lines and the multitude of layers in a song that often encompass varying emotions. I’m not a purist either, I used to be but now, I have a very diverse taste in music, it really is as simple as if something speaks to me deeply then I will listen to it and most likely treasure it.

There are no pictures with this blog post – I think we can all furnish it with music that evokes times past for each of us. Happy listening!