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Another addition to The Fleet

Posted in Brompton, and Cycling

5399957[1]I am unashamedly into cycling and own a whole family of bikes. I have a wall in the hallway which is occupied by bicycles hung up in various forms. When I have more time, I shall take a photo and post it up, but for now, you’ll have to make do with this photo grabbed from my phone of my newest set of wheels.

Today, I met up with a friend and ‘adopted’ his Brompton folding bike. These beautiful feats of clever engineering need no introduction. When I started cycling again as an adult in London back in 2006, I coveted one of these bikes and eventually, years later, I now have one of my own.

Taking to the sunny roads on the Brompton, I was delighted. It felt like how a bike rides when you’re a small child. I haven’t ridden a non-road bike for a number of years now and noticed immediately how upright the positioning is on the Brompton.

One thing that I will need to get used to is the novelty of cycling in ‘normal’ clothes again as I converted to lycra a few years ago.

I look forward to the many adventures to be had!